New Zealand’s most innovative underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).
Extremely user friendly!
CCROV is the smallest ROV in the market, with dimension about 208x204x158mm. It’s easily transportable in backpack or suitcase. 
Applications include:
Our SeaDrone is capable of underwater asset inspection even in dark and murky environments. It transfers real-time images back to the surface, making the work safer and more efficient.
Search and Recovery
With 4 bright LEDs collectively making 1500 Lumen located at the front of our ROV, search and recovery will be that much easier. The lighting system is bright enough to illuminate the darkest of spaces. Even a pitch black underground water tank becomes clear and easy viewing.
Vessel Inspection
The SeaDrone captures 4K resolution images and video. It then seamlessly transfers the live HD stream back to the surface operator which can, in some situations even replace the need for a diver. Inspections of underwater assets will be faster, easier and safer.
Underwater Photography
Quickly dive to 100m while recording 4K video. Once the SeaDrone is in the water the operator can easily move it in any direction to focus on the target. Our ROV can go from a packed down state to in the water and recording all within 5 minutes. Making it super easy to transport and get operational in a hurry.
Take your dive further by going into caves and crevices too tight for a diver. Take home 4K HD footage of your underwater experience. Add an extra layer of safety to dangerous dives by live streaming your viewing back to the surface. Did we say it was also just plain fun to have our SeaDrone out in the field too!?
Allowing recreational fishermen to investigate fishing spots, checking the ocean floor for shellfish and other marine life as well as water quality. A useful tool for fishermen of all capacities. The SeaDrone can also be used to troubleshoot rope tangles around props and rudders in situations when diving may be unsafe.
With our SeaDrone, professionals can assess the condition of wharf's and piles as well as ship hulls for unwanted pests such as fan worm. Saving time, resources and all without the hassle and safety risks of a commercial diver.
Remotely Operated Vehicle
Dimensions: 208(L) X204(W) X158(H)mm
Weight in Air: 5524g
Thruster: Four Set Horizontally, and Two Set Vertically
Propeller: Immersion-Type, with Diameter Of 34mm
Lighting – LED: 4X350 Lumen
Sensors: Depth and Temperature.
Main Sealed Cabin Material: Aluminium Alloy
Float Material: Synthetic Composite Foam.
Endurance: 1 Hour
Motion Control: 5 Degrees Of Freedom
Vertical Hovering Accuracy: 0.2m
Advancing Speed: 1.0m/S Max.
Maximum Diving Depth: 95m
Camera: 4k/30fps
Operating Ambient Temperature: 0~40°C
Dimensions: 238 X 310 X 293 mm
Weight In Air: (TDS & Cable, Excluding The Battery) 2kg (25m Cable)/4 Kg (75m Cable)/5.5kg (95m Cable)
Cable Diameter: 8mm
Optional Accessory: AC Power Module
AC Power Module: Input 90-305 VAC; Output 12V-54V
Operation Frequency: 2.400GHz~2.483Ghz
Max.Effective Signal Range: FCC CE 100M (Without Interface or Shield)
Operating Ambient Temperature: 0~40°C
Battery: 4 Batteries(AA)
Transmitting Power: (EIRP) FCC: below 20 DBm


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